11, 2015
  • Seminar on Living Healthy and Happy Life- external seminar at Shalom Church led by Dr. Jeannie Choi on November 19th
  • External seminar on Alzheimer disease held at Community Garden Towers on November 20th, led by Dr .Jeannie Choi and Dr. Kiyeon Yi
10, 2015

HFCC becomes certified organization to promote volunteer recognition

9, 2015
  • External counseling sessions commence on September 18th, by counselor Inae Yoo at Community Garden Tower
  • Depression Prevention Seminar led by Dr. Jeannie Choi and Dr. Kiyeon Yi held on September 26th
8, 2015
Congressional Award Program Seminar led by Donnie Yoo, LCSW and Easter Ha Youth Specialist on August 8th
5~6, 2015
Seminar on anger management held Fridays at 10 am by counselors Inae Yoo and Susan Chung- 12 wk session from May 8th-June19th
3~4, 2015
Medical seminar on Alzheimer’s Disease held on Saturday, March 21st at 10 am - Dr. Young J Kwon
2, 2015
“Rise Above”- Part 1 of the Youth Healing Support program; seminar for parents regarding teen substance abuse led by Pastor Young Ho Han from Nanoom Fellowship Church
1, 2015
Women’s Support Group established “Assert Yourself!” assertiveness training- led by Yunsim Lee Kang, Easter Ha 12 week session, Fridays, January 16th-April 3rd from 10am-12pm
9, 2014
“Healthy Family, Happy Household” Health Seminar on understanding Parkinson’s disease and other age-related diseases conducted by Dr. Byung Ho Choi (Former UCI Professor)
3, 2014
Cultural awareness seminar presented by author Seung Joo Hong, special lecture on criticizing his novel held on Saturday March 29th from 10 to noon
2, 2014
Vegetable carving classes held Thursdays at 10am-12pm from February 20th-March 27th (6week program), taught by Jung Im Hong
1, 2013
“Healthy Family, Happy Household” Special guest lecture by Dr. Eui Shin Kim on Cancer Prevention, with 100 attendees
10~12, 2011
Understanding and Preventing Depression, 8 week group therapy with 7 personnel
6, 2011
Anger management seminar conducted by Dr. Gyum Koo Jeon with 32 participants
2, 2011
Prevention and treatment of Computer Addiction- broadcasted on CTS, presented by Jeannie Choi and President Susan Choi
1, 2011
Receipt of computers toward “Hope Campaign” provided by Korea Times and Korea Joongang Daily