12, 2005
Rehabilitation Program for second generation (Community Hope Network) created by Susan Lee, Julius Kim, David Ha
10, 2005
Psychological talk for modern women focused on anger disorders, housewives depression, loss of relationships, good housewife syndrome, and holiday syndrome conducted by Dong Sook Yoo (LCSW)
7, 2005
‘Joyful Cooking Class’ conducted by Jung Rim Furukawa every Saturday
2~5, 2005
Spring semester launch of family counseling class conducted by Dong Sook Yoo, Eun Mi Lee, Eunice Lee, and Susan
6, 2004
Lecture on anxiety and newly found treatments conducted by Psychiatrist Shin Yong Lee
5, 2004
Seminar on retirement, inheritance, and financial planning with Grace W. Choi (Financial Consultant)
4, 2004
Seminar on immigration trends conducted by Attorney Seung Hyang Im
3, 2004
“Relation Focus” seminar conducted by Coach Mimi Park
1, 2004

Seventh annual board meeting with newly elected directors:
President: Youngsook Yun
Vice President: Gumsook Park
Seretary: Kyunghae Lee
Finance Director: Kay Park

3, 2003
“Effective Child Education Techniques” seminar conducted by Dr. Young Soon Lee
8, 2002
Seminar on “Building a Happy Home” by Pastor Young Jun Yang
3, 2002
Seminar on effective counseling methods conducted by Roland Kim, PhD
1~12, 2002
Weekly on Mondays; execution of Women’s Support Group Meeting (first)
12, 2001
Renamed O.C. Korean Family Counseling & Legal Advice Center to O.C. Korean American Family Counseling Center
11, 2001
Seminar on Gambling held by Instructor Eun Hee Kim
10, 2001
Seminar on gangs conducted by Officer Tae Gyoung Yoo, Special training on Lay Counseling instructed by Roland Kim, PhD