HFCC, a non-profit organization, was founded in 1990 to help Korean-American immigrant families adjust and settle into their new country. HFCC provides counseling on family problems, preventive educational seminars, young children’s programs and schooling for the children who are lost in the regular school system.

HFCC has been supported by individuals, churches, and businesses and provides services not only to Korean American, but also to immigrants from other countries who suffer from barriers in language, culture, economy, and psychology. Ongoing activities includes counseling, many educational seminars, women and parent support groups, Alzheimer’s support groups, an annual Family Talent Show, and Hope Community School. All of these diverse programs are supported by voluntary contributions from diverse groups. HFCC gives hope for rebuilding a healthy family. Please contribute to HFCC, and help your neighbors. All contributions to HFCC are tax deductible.
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