7, 1995
  • Hyun Sook Bang resigns as president, Eunice Kim elected as new president
  • Parenting Education Seminar held
5, 1995
Delightful Marriage Seminar
3, 1995
Execution of youth leadership seminar
1, 1995
  • Inauguration of Director Young Ja Song
  • Vice President Nan Ju Kim resigns, Hyun Sook Bang elected as new president
5, 1994
First family talent show
2, 1994
  • "Attitudes and Views of a Korean in a Fast Paced World" special lecture by Professors Byung Ok Ahn and Dong Kil Kim
  • Sunflower Lecture focusing on infertile women, Dove Lecture/meeting for singles 50+ years
12, 1993
Flea Market/ Shopping event to assist neighbors in need
6, 1993
Nan Ju Kim appointed as third president, Young Mi Yeo appointed as vice president 
5, 1993
"Teen Issues" seminar presented at PTA meeting in Sunny Hills High School
3, 1993
First issue of "Family Counseling" newsletter distributed
10, 1992
Children's education seminar
9, 1992
Educational discussion on marital issues and prevention methods
5, 1992
“Exploring Marital Relationships" talk with Dr. Tae Young Lee
4, 1992
Young Mi Yeo appointed as director for victims of domestic violence and shelter for battered women
9, 1991
The eighth appointment of new Board of Directors: President: Bun Ja Yoo, Vice Presidents: Jin Young Seok and Hee Yoon Kim
5, 1991
Director Shin Hyung Kim resigns
4, 1991
1st Anniversary Grand event held at Grace Korean Church
1, 1991
Stress management seminar
10, 1990
"Couples That Talk" seminar held at Kanaan Presbyterian Church Married Couples Seminar held at Ramada Inn with Father Kwang Nam Kim 
5, 1990
First educational seminar directed by Dr. Hye Won Han on Hepatitis-B Prevention held at Garden Grove Medical Plaza
4, 1990
Proposal of Korean Family Counseling & Legal Advice Center by Director Tae Young Lee held at Ramada Inn in Garden Grove