About Us

Hanmi Family Counseling Center

HFCC is a non-profit organization that provides helpful programs to Korean-American Immigrant Families and individuals who have difficulty in starting a new life in a different culture.

HFCC provides professional counseling, education, practical information and many other services in Korean language.

Why do they need counseling?

Immigrant families experience many difficulties when they come to new country. It’s a daunting task to adjust to a new value system and language barriers. Professional Counselors with experience can provide guidance, advice and education. When families receive counseling, they understands problems better, and better cope with them. Through counseling, families are able to understand and learn coping skills towards a healthier life style.

How did we get our start?

In April 14, 1990, many volunteers from the Korean community came together to set up this organization to meet the expanding needs of fast-growing Korean Immigrant populations in Orange County. Dr. Taeyoung Lee who founded Korean Legal Aid Center for Family Relation was instrumental in starting the Center.

Hope Community School

This program’s goal is to help at risk youths, especially those experiencing school, family, language/cultural, and economic barriers, to develop life and job-readiness skills toward becoming contributing members of society. Mentoring, course Information and referrals are offered as well. [ Details … ]


Community Activities

    • Seminars : HFCC conducts many seminars throughout the year concerning adult education, family law, children’s education, communication skills, understanding cultural issues, practical information, health care, self development, medical and mental health.
    • Parents Support Group : The group meets regularly to further its understanding of childhood issues and learns practical skills in coping with growing children.
    • Sarangbang : Sarangbang is where a group meets to engage in many cultural activities and share common interests. Any Individual or group can rent a room for seminar or education.
    • Community Outreach : External workshops and seminars are provided.

HFCC is a non-profit organization. All programs are supported by donations.
The donation is tax deductible